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Herman Melville was the author of Moby Dick, a story of what we'd now consider an illegal activity; the commercial hunting of whales for oil and meat. But in his day such enterprise was where fortunes were made in a dangerous environment. Then petroleum was distilled for cars and diesel oils for larger engines, and the electric light bulb was invented. All of which relieved the pressure on whale populations, but not before endangering them. And then plastic came along.




Ambergris - A very expensive waxy substance found in sperm whale intestines

Ann Alexander - A whaling ship rammed and sunk by a sperm whale in 1851

Arrowhead - One of Herman Melville's homes, now a monument to the writer

Bartleby the Scrivener -

Benito Cereno - Spanish slave ship revolt

Berkshire Historical Society - Based at Arrowhead

Bildad - Retired captain and half owner of the Pequod

Billy Budd - A Royal Navy sailor is wrongly accused of mutiny and court martialled

Blubber - The skin of a whale typically reduced to oil

Bulkington - A sailor in the Spounter Inn and Pequod crew member

Captain Ahab - The obsessive commander of the Pequod

Captain Boomer - Commands the Samuel Enderby of London

Captain Gardiner -

Card Game - Moby Dick adaptation using cards, dice and tokens

Carpenter - A member of the Pequod's crew

Cleaner Ocean Foundation - a not for profit conservation & research organisation

Chapel - New Bedford

CNN - 200 years old yet Moby Dick is very 2019 by David Shaerf

Cock A Doodle Doo! -

Daggoo - African harpooneer

Daily Mail Online - October 2013, Two films shipwrecked crew cannibals, Essex 1820

Dollars - Spanish pieces of eight

Doubloons - Originally a gold coin from Spain, but also from Portugal and Equador 

Dough Boy - The Pequod's ship's steward

Elijah - Dockside preacher

Elizabeth Shaw - Wife of Herman Melville from August 1847

Elizabeth Swann - Clean queen of the seas

Encantadas, The -

English Heritage - 25 Craven St, Charing Cross, London, WC2N 5NT, Westminster City

Essex - 1821 real life sinking of a whaling ship

Father Mapple -

Fedallah - Harpooneer and guru

Films - 1926 The Sea Beast, silent movie Warner Bros, John Barrymore

        - 1930 Moby Dick, Vitaphone & Warner Brothers movie, John Barrymore

        - 1956 Moby Dick, Warner Brothers & MGM's  Gregory Peck as Captain Ahab

        - 2010 Moby Dick Asylum movie production, monster sinks a modern battleship

       - 2015In the Heart of the Sea, sinking of the Essex, starring Chris Hemsworth

Flask- Third mate on the Pequod, nicknamed 'King Post'

Gaff - A large hook on a stick for landing whales

Guardian, The - 6 reasons why Moby Dick is a novel of our times

Guardian, The - Top 100 novels Jan 2014: Moby Dick (17)

Harpoons - Hand held and explosive weapons for whaling

Herman Melville - Quotes

Independent, The - Book reviews: In Northern Waters by Ian McGuire 2016

International Whaling Commission - IWC

Ishmael - Narrator of Moby Dick: "Call me Ishmael"

Israel Potter - Fifty Years of Exile

Jeremiah N. Reynolds - Published account of Mocha Dick

Kraken - The, deep sea monsters thought to be real by sailors

Kulo Luna - An ocean awareness campaign in graphic novel form

Lansingburgh Historical Society - Guardians of Melville's New York home

Lansingburgh, Troy - Herman Melville's New York home, Renssalaer County

Leviathan - An exceptionally large whale

Longboats - The boats used by whalers to chase and harpoon whales

Manxman - Pequod's oldest crew member from the Isle of Man

Mardi - And a voyage thither, Pacific Ocean sailing adventures (fiction)

Migaloo - Australian white humpback whale

Moby Dick - A fictional bull sperm whale based on Mocha Dick - Free to Read Online

Moby-Dick - 1956 film by director John Huston, starring Gregory Peck

Moby-Dick - Graphic novels, easy read classic comics

Moby Dick - Illustrated children's book by Moppet Kinderguides

Mocha Dick - A real life old bull sperm whale, The White Whale of the Pacific

Mystic Seaport - A Connecticut museum about the history of sailing and the location

Nantucket, Massachusetts - Whaling county

Nathaniel Hawthorne - Writer and friend of Herman Melville

New Bedford, Massachusetts - The Whaling Museum

New York Times - Celebrating 200 years of Herman Melville obituary

New Zealand Tom - A sperm whale also known as NZ Jack

Omoo - Herman Melville's Adventures in the South Seas

Owen Chase - First Mate's account (1821) of the Essex sinking 1820

Paradise of Batchelors and the Tartarus of Maids -

PBS - The life of Herman Melville, American Public Broadcasting Service

Peleg - Captain (retired) half owner of the Pequod

Pequod, The - Captain Ahab's ship

Peter Coffin -

Piazza Tales, The - Collection of short stories by Herman Melville

Pierre Glendinning - The Ambiguities

Pip - The cabin boy

Poetry Foundation - Herman Melville, Poet

Pulpit -

Queequeg - Harponeer aboard the Pequod

Quohog - Large edible chowder clam

Quotes - Herman Melville's

Redburn - His first voyage from New York to Liverpool, England

Rorqual - Baleen whales with pleated throats that expand for catching krill and fish

Sermon - Father Mapple

Ships Carpenter -

Sperm Oil - A superior lubricant and illuminant

Sperm Whales - Mocha Dick, Timor Tom

Spermaceti - A waxy substance found in sperm whale heads

Spouter Inn - A public house in New Bedford

Starbuck - First Mate on the Pequod

Stubb - Pequod's 2nd mate

Tashtego - Harpooneer aboard the Pequod

Television Mini Series - 1998 American Zoetrope & Nine Network Australia, Patrick Stewart

                               - 2011 TV mini-series by Tele München Gruppe, William Hurt

The Bell Tower - Piazza Tales short story

The Confidence Man - Mississippi river steamboat trip to New Orleans

The Lightning Rod Man - Piazza Tales short stories collection

The Melville Society -

The Piazza - One of the 'Tales' short story collection

Thomas Beale - Sketch of a South Sea Whaling Voyage 1839

Thomas Nickerson - Cabin boy on the Essex in 1820

Timor Tim - A famous whale also known as Timor Tom and Timor Jack

Typee - A peep at Polynesian life among the cannibals where humans are food


Vava’u - Kingdom of Tonga, whale watching area

Vitaphone - A film company involved in an early production of Moby Dick

Whalers - Whaling sailors and ships

Whales - Blue, Gray, Minke, Killer, Humpback, Right, Sperm

Whaling History - Online data resource: Mystic Seaport & New Bedford Museum

White Jacket - USS Neversink Naval Frigate man of war 1843

White whale of the Pacific Ocean - Mocha Dick

William B Whitecar - Four Years Aboard the Whaleship 1864


Yankees -










Kulo Luna is not as big as the whales depicted in Herman Melville's Moby Dick, but she has a diamond encrusted heart of gold.






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