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A game like this requires a fairly in depth knowledge of the story for the players to get really enthusiastic about it. Great for Herman Melville buffs and whale conservationists. It's a bit like watching the latest Titanic movie, We all know the ending, but it's how we get there that is the entertaining bit.



Please note: that this game is no longer for sale.


Experience the thrill, the awe and the terror of The White Whale in this card-driven narrative adventure game based on the classic book by Herman Melville. Set sail with 2 to 4 players, and follow Captain Ahab and the crew of the Pequod to their inevitable, fated destruction.




Roll custom engraved dice, collect beautiful raw wood oil tokens, and assemble a crew of hardy sailors ready to take on the boundless adventure of the open ocean. With over 100 cards of the highest quality vinyl stock, featuring striking original art and curated period images, Moby Dick, or, The Card Game is at once a raucous interactive adventure, and a lovingly crafted art object.





All the characters from the book, the sailors of the Pequod, can be found in the Sailor Deck, and each has been given a strength and ability directly tied to their characterization and narrative function in the book. The Sea Deck drives the voyage of the Pequod forward, containing whales to be hunted, Chapters to provide lasting effects on gameplay, lands to visit, shipboard occurrences, other whaling ships, pirates, and the White Whale himself. Lastly, the devastating Whale Deck describes the actions taken against players’ crews by hunted whales. These often deathful cards must be drawn by each player attempting to harpoon a chased leviathan.





For lovers of the literature and landlubbers alike, Moby Dick, or, The Card Game is a unique and thrilling gaming experience. Using period images, original artwork, and custom components, Moby Dick, Or, The Card Game, provides players with endless permutations of the doomed voyage of the Pequod, and allows them to personify their favorite characters from the book. For those who haven’t read the classic, Moby Dick, Or, The Card Game creates thrilling accessibility and a one-of-a-kind game system that illuminates the great work of literature for a brand new audience.





Herman Melville was the author of a novel about a way of life that we'd now consider an illegal activity, the commercial hunting of whales for oil and meat, using harpoons.




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